YourDailyLaughz Background And Intro Breakdown.

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One of my biggest clients ever, “YourDailyLaughz” Ranking in with over 290 Thousand YouTube subscribers,
Was a huge honour to create both a YouTube background and animated intro,
You may ask, “Why was it such an honour?” Well, Not just the fact that millions would see that i not only animated the intro and made the background generating me more traffic,
But also the fact that i myself watched, And enjoyed their YouTube channel a long time before i ever started animating,
So it was pretty amazing being able to create something for a channel you have been watching for a while and enjoy,
(Scroll down to the end, To watch the intro and view the background)
Okay, So if you’re reading this far, You probably want to know the process behind making this,
I was supplied with a base 2D logo and an idea, I put my creative mind to thinking and came up with the video cube idea,
Firstly i re-created their logo in 3D, Then proceeded to animate it and render.
Next i lined up about 50 – 100 cubes to form one giant cube looking room,
Then i proceeded to download approximately 30 clips from their youtube channel and apply them to each cube. (This took hours of patient work)
Then i finally lit up the scene and rendered overnight,
In the morning i imported my clips into after effects for the final composite,
Merging the two clips together, Adding some motion blur and animating some optical flares,
And done!
Keep in mind this spanned over 2 – 3 days with hardly any sleep.
What can i say? I’m devoted!

I’m fairly sure they loved the work i did as they said : [testimonial author=”YourDailyLaughz”]I couldn’t be more emphatic about what Israel has given me.  Seriously, this guy is the real deal and can vividly paint the picture you have in your head.  Israel’s communication is another factor of his excellence, prompt and always helping you find exactly what you’re looking for.  Israel has definitely earned himself another returning customer.[/testimonial] Feedback like this really warms my heart 😀
Here’s the intro and background!

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