How To Cope As A Designer

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Sometimes a designer just cant cope,
Sometimes that work you spent days working on and felt it was your best work yet, But your client completely hates it?
Maybe you have a deadline and not much time on hand?
Or perhaps you just have no inspiration whatsoever,

These are just a small percentage of things a designer has to go through on a daily basis,
I’m here to shed some light on some of the questions you may not be able to find answers for,
The following tips aren’t going to work for everyone, But it is what i personally do when i am faced with these problems,

Firstly i would like to shed some light on the whole “My client didn’t like the work i presented them with, But it was my best work yet” scenario,
You firstly have to remember they are the client, They hired you for a reason, Because they wanted something done, And you were the man for the job!
They are a paying customer so naturally you have to satisfy them by any means possible, But that doesn’t mean you have to re-do all the hard and painful work,
This is why some designers have things called “Reviews”, The idea behind reviews is so that when a client wants a change whether it be big or small,
It is included in the cost, Here’s an example of a web design (Can be applied to any design service, I’m using web design as an example) : Base Price – $100.00 Extra 3 Pages – $200.00 3 Reviews – $200.00

Designers place reviews in their price’s to almost safe guard them against a client not liking what they have been given, Therefore charging extra for any changes the client might have.
That is one of the many ways to cope with clients not being happy with your work, Another way is is the client wants changes that you really impossibly can’t make, Then you might have to think about letting them go,
But only use this as a LAST resort, Alot of the time clients don’t actually know what they want, And they need a little push from you,  The designer they trust to say “I understand you don’t like this but it is this way because it will drive more traffic to your website etc..” You really need to get your client to understand that you made certain things a certain way because they may look better or may be more functional etc..

Anyway, On to the next hurdle, Deadlines.
Yes i know, We all hate those dreaded deadlines we have to meet, But what happens when we are really struggling to finish before a deadline?
The first thing i always do is take a break, Perhaps take a nice long walk and let your brain rest,
You would be amazed at how a relaxing walk and clearing your mind will help you.
You should also always let your client know when you are running behind on schedule, Maybe they don’t really need it for an extra few days.
Another thing that may work is music, Some people find it hard to concentrate with music, But i personally can’t function without it,
If you are one of those people who concentrate with noise, Take a break and put some music on, Lay down and relax, But if you can work at the same time, By all means crank up the volume!
I find i work alot better with music. Hopefully you will be able to meet your deadline and keep your client happy.

Another big topic that designers struggle with a lot is inspiration and creativity,

It happens to the best of us, Including me,
I tend to once again work best with music and i’m a lot more creative with music, But that doesn’t work with everyone,
Especially sometimes me, I get ear infections all the time, And im talking ALL the time, I have to have a fan blowing in my face 24/7 or i burn up and somehow develop an ear infection,
So sometimes i cant have music, And a lot of the time that restricts me and my creativity,
So here are some tips for when you just cant get the creative juices flowing,
Like i said in my last tip, Try to take a nice long walk and let your brain rest,
And clear your mind, It works wonders.
If you are trying to think up your next design and its not client work, Try watching a movie and search the internet for good topics,
There really isn’t too much advice i can give about creativity, Sometimes we just have bad days.

Anyway, I would love to hear your tips of what you do when presented with these hurdles.

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    Hey i subbed u on your youtube channel and i rlly love Ur vids. I am new to youtube and i was wondering if you could make me a background with Mw3, fifa, black ops and minecraft please email me the details ect

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