Hi There! I'm A 2D And 3D Designer From Australia! Feel Free To Take A Look Around My Website And Perhaps Get In Contact With Me!



Hi There!
I am a self taught 2D and 3D graphic designer and animator from Queensland, Australia!

Some of my current accomplishments include :
Having a video i worked on be played live to thousands of people by Disco legend Giorgio Moroder!
Being featured on Equestriadaily.com 3 Times,
Animating a 3D intro for a massive channel on YouTube “YourDailyLaughz” with over 290 Thousand subscribers!
And working on the Fan-Made Daft Punk Give Life Back To Music – Animated Music Video!

I love being able to work for many different talented people all over the
world including : Musical artist’s, Video makers, etc.. And someday maybe even you!.

I often get asked questions like “How long have you been designing?” “How hard is it to design” “How did you get started designing?”
Here are my answers : Firstly, I have been designing for about 3 – 4 years. But i picked design up in general really easily.
Secondly, Design is not hard at all, Granted you know what you are doing, Just let your mind free and get creative, I usually never know what i am going to make until it’s half finished! haha,
Thirdly, As bad as it seems i got started designing when i was bored, Yep you heard it! I literally had nothing to do, So i picked up photoshop and made something,
In saying that, It was a pretty terrible attempt at creating anything as i had no prior knowledge on how to use the software to it’s extent,
But gradually after watching a few tutorials i got the hang of things, Thats when i turned to cinema 4D!
Ever since i picked up design i have been the most un-bored person in the universe… Well maybe not the universe, But perhaps the most un-bored person living in my street haha.


- Israel