I’m not going to bore you to tears with my whole life story, But i will say a few small things.
I have been designing and animating for over 5 years now, i first started around the age of 13.
It was really the only thing i was interested in after being kicked out of school for not showing up enough. So i worked hard and learned the skills i have now to be able to say that well.. i didn’t need school anyway.

Since then i have worked with hundreds of happy clients, Including big celebrities and brands alike.
Although i’m not allowed to share all of their names, i’ll list a few of my more noteworthy clients and accomplishments in my portfolio.

I offer a whole range of services including Animation, Graphic Design, Web Design, 3D Design & Animation, Music Videos, Film. And tons more!

My programs of choice are :

Video Editing & Special Effects – Adobe After Effects CC

3D Design & Animation – Cinema 4D

Graphic & 2D Multimedia Design – Adobe Photoshop CC

Thats about all i can actually think of for this section, so if you would like to know some more about me, just hit me up via the Contact page and we can chat 🙂