My name is Israel James,

I’m a Multimedia artist aged 19, From Queensland Australia.

I have been creating digital art and media from the age of 12 and freelancing for over 5 years now

I have worked with hundreds of happy clients, Including big celebrities and brands alike.
Although i’m not allowed to share all of their names, i’ll list a few of my more noteworthy clients and accomplishments in my portfolio.

My work (Design, Animation and Music) has been featured all over the web ranging from huge music publications, news outlets and radio stations.

I offer a whole range of services including Animation, Graphic Design, Web Design, 3D Design & Animation, Music Videos, Film. And tons more!

My programs of choice are :

Video Editing & Special Effects – Adobe After Effects CC

3D Design & Animation – Cinema 4D

Graphic & 2D Multimedia Design – Adobe Photoshop CC

That is about all i can actually think of for this section, so if you would like to know some more about me, just hit me up via the Contact page and we can chat 🙂